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Personality Profile
Are you a Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore or a Rabbit?
This is a sample of some personality traits that are similar to the characters of the Hundred Acre Woods.  So which of these characters best describes who you really are?

PoohDo you have a way of being happy without any reason to be at all and then you are contagious with others that are around you of your happiness? Then you have a little bit of Pooh in you.

PigletAre you always afraid to try something different like a new style of wearing clothes or a new hair style or if someone gives you a new recipe for you to try and cook?  Then you have a little bit of Piglet in you.

TiggerDo you like to crash parties by being 15 - 30 minutes late and be the center of attention? Or are you a person who just loves to play practical jokes in a quiet and boring setting?  Then you have a little bit of Tigger in you.

EeyoreDo you feel sad when you feel like your day is ruined by other people who decide to make plans without your knowing and you have to work your schedule around theirs because they are above you?  Then you have a little bit of Eeyore in you. 

RabbitDo you think about how you are going to organize your hundreds of video tapes by sorting them according to alphabetical order and then you organize them according
to animation or live action or by them being a Warner Brothers or Disney video? Then you have a little bit of Rabbit in you.

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